Picture this: After months of networking and polishing your resume, you managed to make the necessary connections, get in front of the right people and land an interview.

You deserve to be here. After all, you have an impressive background, great experience, fantastic references and are confident you can exceed the requirements of the job. The interview is really just a formality.

For many, the hardest part of the job hunt is simply getting an interview. However, many top candidates get passed over and are surprised when they are not offered a job. The reason for this is they often spend a lot of time practicing how to answer questions and explaining their qualifications, but forget about the soft skills.

A memorable appearance. We all know you need to dress your best before going into an interview, but you should go the extra mile to ensure the person you meet with remembers you. In addition to looking clean, tidy and professional, dress in a way that makes you feel confident and will make others notice.

Be ready to floss on the go. If someone notices something in your teeth, a piece of spinach or fleck of cereal, they won’t be able to see anything else.

Exude confidence. Beyond just making you look good, the big reason behind dressing well and double checking that your teeth are clean and free of gunk is because this will give you confidence. Hiring managers can tell the difference between someone who is confident and someone who is not.

Keep it positive. How you answer questions is often just as important as the answers you give. Always frame what you say in a positive note. In describing difficult managers or poor work conditions at other companies, frame it as a challenge you were happy to take on, an opportunity to learn and grow.

Eat well. You might be nervous and lose your appetite, but be sure you eat well the night before and the morning of the interview. Whole grains and foods loaded with fatty acids, such as salmon, eggs and kale, can help you feel great and relaxed for the interview.

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According to CNNMoney.com, the world’s top 10 employers for new graduates are:

1. Google

2. Goldman Sachs

3. Apple

4. Ernst and Young

5. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

6. Deloitte

7. Microsoft

8. L’Oreal


10. JP Morgan


55 percent: According to a new survey conducted by JP Morgan Chase, 55 percent of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck.


Shoe giant Nike partners with Amazon

Shoe and athletic apparel giant Nike recently announced a pilot deal to partner with Amazon to sell its products directly through the online retail site. Nike will sell shoes, clothing and accessories directly from the source. Nike previously had sold its items through third-party vendors and will only sell a limited selection of items on Amazon. Some experts said Nike’s revenue could rise by $300 million to $500 million in the United States if the pilot program is successful.

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