Winter is a time of year when expenses can soar, especially your utility bills. Thankfully, Chip Wade, HGTV expert, has some advice on how you can save energy, and ultimately money, this year:

Lighting: LED bulbs are 90 percent more efficient than incandescent light bulbs.

Prevent heat loss: Find and seal air leaks in your home. Use caulking or weatherstripping to seal these leaks and keep the heat inside your home.

Water heating: Did you know you can control the temperature of your water heater? Most households only require water heater thermostats to be set at 120 F, which is lower than what the temperature is typically set at. By lowering your water heating temperature, you’re not only reducing energy, but also preventing water from becoming dangerously hot.

Adjust the temperature: Hosting a gathering? Consider turning the thermostat down. Also, if you’re traveling, it’s good to keep in mind that programmable thermostats can take care of temperature adjustments for you while you’re away.

Maintain your heating system: Be sure to schedule regular service appointments with your local technician to keep your heating and cooling system running properly. Also, set a calendar reminder to replace your air filters once a month to maintain proper airflow.

Choose a high-efficiency furnace: Save energy heating your home by choosing a high-efficiency furnace.

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According to Forbes, the top 10 best banks for 2018 are:

1. Home Banchares ($14.3 billion in assets)

2. Western Alliance Bancorp ($19.9 billion in assets)

3. Bank of the Ozarks ($20.8 billion in assets)

4. First Merchants Bank ($9.1 billion in assets)

5. East West Bancorp ($36.3 billion in assets)

6. Community Bank System ($10.8 billion in assets)

7. Prosperity Bank ($22.1 billion in assets)

8. FCB Financial ($10.2 billion in assets)

9. First Hawaiian Bank ($10.2 billion in assets)

10. Glacier Bancorp ($9.8 billion in assets)


$33 million: Amazon found and CEO Jeff Bezos recently announce that he will donate $33 million to help young undocumented immigrants who have obtained Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status.


Samsung to roll out one app for all devices

Samsung recently announced that users will be able to control all of their Samsung devices through one app. The company said it will begin integrating all of its internet-connected devices — televisions, security cameras, dishwashers, ovens, etc. — to be controlled by the SmartThings app. About 90 percent of Samsung’s devices are internet-connected, but the company said it will have all of its products internet-connected by 2020.

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