Five ways to have fun this weekend.

1. In theaters this weekend is the PG-13 sci-fi action adventure “War for the Planet of the Apes” the final in the newest “Planet of the Apes” trilogy; if you’re in the mood for horror, check out “Wish Upon” a PG-13 flick about a teenage girl who discovers a wish-granting box that carries a deadly price for using its wishes.

2. If you’re looking for an international sporting event to keep you occupied check out Wimbledon tennis tournament which ends on Sunday. Also don’t forget that the Tour De France is still taking place. Check your local listings or watch a live stream of it via

3. Bastille Day, a French holiday, takes place Friday. Even if you’re not French, you can enjoy the holiday and do something French-themed. We suggest you prepare some French dishes. There are lots of good options: crepes, crème brulee, baguettes and more.

4. Make a sundae for Sunday as it is National Ice Cream Day. Go out for ice cream, make some banana splits at home, hold a who-has-the-best-toppings party or do something else that celebrates this cold and tasty treat.

5. Sunday kicks off National Zookeeper Week. If you have a zoo near you, why not head out for a day of fun? Zookeepers like answering questions about their furry friends, so seek them out and learn something while you have fun.

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