Five ways to have fun this weekend.

1. Celebrate the holiday season this weekend by having a movie night, either at home or at the theater. At home, there will be plenty of holiday movies playing on TV, and you can’t go wrong with any of the classics. Most of the big movies opening at the theaters this week aren’t really Christmas-related, but they’ll be a good diversion for anyone looking to get out of the house. We have “Pitch Perfect 3,” a PG-13 addition to the musical comedy franchise; the PG-rated “The Greatest Showman” a period musical drama inspired by the story of how P. T. Barnum started the Barnum & Bailey Circus; the PG-13 action adventure “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” about four teenagers who get transported to a remote jungle via a video game. For adults there are a few R-rated comedies in theaters, “Father Figures” a road trip buddy film, and “Downsizing” a social satire about a man who shrinks himself for a better life.

2. It’s the perfect weekend to see a holiday concert. Community groups, orchestras and the like should be in full swing this weekend, so check the paper for listings.

3. Friday is National Cookie Exchange Day and it’s really easy to host your own either at home or work. First, create a guest list and set the date, time and location. Next determine how many dozens of cookies guest should bring, whether they should be homemade or not. Also, make sure guests respond to the invite with the name of the recipe or type of cookie they’re bringing to weed out duplicates. Either provide or ask guests to bring packaging and wrapping materials. On the day of the party, set up a sampling table, swapping table and to-go/packaging table. Lastly, set the ambience with some holiday music and festive tablecloths.

4. It’s not too late to add a personal touch to Christmas and make your own cards. There are plenty of ideas online, and you can use a basic computer program to make one. This is a great craft idea for kids and will keep them busy for a while.

5. And it’s still not too late to go shopping. Sunday, is Last-Minute Shopper’s Day after all! Last-minute deals abound, so check the paper for ads. And make sure you don’t forget the stocking stuffers!

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