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Tip of the Week

Embrace spring with DIY projects

People across the country are feeling the winter blues after an unusually cold and snowy winter. But with warmer weather arriving soon, you can create a feeling of spring indoors and out with some simple do-it-yourself projects.

Roll up your sleeves and embrace the season of growth with these home and gardening tips:

n As temperatures begin to warm, time to enjoy the outdoors is just around the corner. Soon enough youíll be relaxing with family and friends on your deck or in the backyard around a fire pit. Take time now to get prepared for spring and summer days.

Decorate and furnish your outdoor space with patio furnitur.

From bistro sets perfect for enjoying breakfast to conversation sets that will make your guests linger during longer days, you can create a specialty look at affordable prices.

n Get a jumpstart on your landscaping projects by removing traces of winter from your yard.

As soon as the snow melts and the ground thaws, pick up or mow leaves and fallen twigs, trim or prune the bushes and give your grass a professional look by edging along the paved pathways.

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Garden Guide

Spring theme

Spread the spring theme from your freshly painted walls into your outdoor gardens.

Start now by planting seedlings indoors for delicious edible plants and beautiful, colorful blooms you can enjoy all summer long.

In the meantime, cherish the beauty of your indoor garden as it reminds you of the warm weather on the way.

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Did You Know

Mower tips

Before starting up the lawn mower this spring, be sure to check the fuel. Fuel can go bad in as little as 30 days, and bad fuel can result in a sputtering engine or prevent the mower from turning over. If the fuel has a strange odor or has become thick and viscous, itís best to drain it. Once youíve drained the gas, fill the tank with fresh fuel. Check your operatorís manual for information on the right fuel type for your mower.

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