Everything you need to know about the new-look MCN!

Will the website address stay the same?

Yes, it is still http://morecontentnow.com/

Will my login information still work?

The site will include a new login system called Tinypass. When clicking on any headline from the homepage, or the Log In link at the top right of the homepage, a box will pop up asking for your username and password.

Your username will now be your email, and you’ll need to change your password. Click on “I forgot my password” near the bottom of the box, and on the next screen enter your email address and click on Send Code to receive a new password.

If you have any trouble with this prompt or are unsure what email you used to sign up for MCN, contact Lisa Glowinski, lglowinski@gatehousemedia.com.

Will links to old stories change?

Links to most primary sections will remain active (ie. morecontentnow.com/articles) but individual articles will have new URL structures.

How is the new site different?

The new MCN has an updated, smoother look and is more user-friendly. We’ve changed the platform on which the section was built to a more stable provider — the old site had some bugs we just couldn’t fix, and this site offers us a lot more capability to display our products.

What sections are there?

The sections are basically the same as those you previously used, with a few minor changes. The biggest change to note is that we have added a separate category for magazines and tabs called Special Sections. Here is the full lineup:





Home & Garden

How To




Sunday Select

Sports & Outdoors

Special Sections







Biz & Auto





Home & Garden





5 Things

Auto Bits

Family Time

Food for Thought

Health Watch

Home Help

Money Talk

Morning Minutes

Religion News




Where do I find navigation?

Main sections are found at the top of the page.

Subcategories can be found by clicking Sections, and expanding the categories. For example, Pages is expanded here:

Are there other places to see content?

Yes, on the homepage we will have a handful of buckets that will show the latest content in that category. Section fronts also will have subcategory buckets.

How do I download stories and photos?

On an article page, next to the story on the upper left you’ll see a “Download article” button. This will make a zip file of all text and images in the article. The download will begin automatically after you click the button. If you only want the text or the image, choose “pick and choose assets to save.”

How do I download pages?

Click on the link provided to get the file(s) you want.

Note: Don’t use the Download article button for pages.

What content do you offer?

For a listing of the content you’ll find on MCN, please see this document.