5 tips to make any space perfect for young adults

Use these tips in your own home renovation project to create a space your teen will love.

* Make it a colorful, distinct area. Paint the room with bright, vibrant colors and select accessories with pops of color.

* Incorporate creativity. Giving teens access to items like art or music supplies encourages them to tap into their passions.

* Technology is key. Infuse new technology, even mood lighting, to make the space feel extra comfortable and cool.

* Create an environment for studying. Warm lighting and comfy chairs or bean bags help create a quiet, welcoming space for them to relax and learn.

* Design a space they’ll want to share with friends. If the space can easily handle multiple teenagers, it will help build new friendships or strengthen existing ones.

To find products and materials to renovate a room for your teen, visit Lowes.com.


5 kitchen upgrades to make your inner host flourish

What do you do when you’re built to entertain, but your kitchen is not? Renovate!

Here are five upgrades that can help, according to Beale:

1. Give yourself some space. Consider opening closed-off kitchens to the home’s main living area.

2. Work smarter with a new faucet. Hands-free faucets allow you to turn water on or off without the need to touch the faucet.

3. Choose cleaning-friendly surfaces. Dirt- and germ-busting surfaces like stainless steel, stone or ceramic tile can help make it easier to keep your kitchen clean — leaving you more time for entertaining.

4. Upgrade appliances. You can find appliances to help with every aspect of entertaining, such as dishwashers that eliminate the need to pre-rinse.

5. Create an island paradise. An island can serve multiple entertaining purposes, from providing extra work space to giving guests a seat closer to the action.


Follow these drying tips for year-round flowers

As your summer garden winds down, you may be wondering how to dry blooms for wintertime enjoyment. A few tips from Proflowers.com:

* Choose blooms that aren’t fully mature to avoid petal loss.

* Save air-drying for robust and/or long-lasting varieties such as roses or lavender. Cut stems 6 inches or longer and tie them together. Hang upside down for two to three weeks in a dark, dry area with good circulation, then spritz with unscented hair spray.

* Try microwave drying for more structural species. Cover the bottom of a microwave container not used for food with an inch or two of silica gel. Add flowers blossom-side up and gently cover with additional gel. Microwave uncovered at a low temperature for at least 2 minutes, continually checking for dryness. Cover with a sliver of breathing room for 24 hours before cleaning gel from petals with a fine brush and applying acrylic spray.


Scents that sell are simple and clean

Forget the potpourri and baked cookies, in 2013 researchers tested various scents in a home décor store and found that of the 402 people observed, consumers on average purchased 31.8 percent more when the store was scented with a simple scent like orange or vanilla. Eric Spangenberg, dean of the college of business at UC-Irvine and a member of the research team, says the same principles apply to selling a home. Houzz, a remodeling and interior design site, suggests using a reed diffuser to a subtly scent a room or briefly burn a candle before an open house starts. Also stick to organic scented products since they give off less of a chemical smell.