Every year, the U.S. celebrates the men that have been elected to lead the country with the observance of President’s Day on the third Monday of February. Not only is President’s Day a federal holiday, but the weekend leading up to the holiday is also historically one of the best times for buy a car. Since many dealerships try to take advantage of the three-day holiday weekend with numerous deals on all makes and models, here are some podcasts to listen to to help you pick the best ride if you are in the market for a new vehicle.

Talking Cars: Produced by Consumer Reports, the Talking Cars podcast features automotive experts discussing recent test findings and answering listener questions. Talking cars helps with buying questions and reviews of the newest models available. Find it: https://www.consumerreports.org/cars-talking-cars/

Everyday Driver: Co-hosts Todd Deepen and Paul Schmucker debate and disagree about a number of things, but eventually try and help listeners find the right vehicle for their needs. Deepen and Schmucker’s goal is for people to enjoy driving and doing it in a car or truck that works best. Find it: https://www.podcastone.com/everyday-driver

The Drive with Alan Taylor: Hosted by Alan Taylor, The Drive podcast gives listeners a look at today’s automotive industry along with the latest car news and test-drive results. The show also features industry expert insights and interviews with celebrities and executives. Find it: https://www.ernlive.com/show/the-drive-with-alan-taylor/15/

Hooniverse: The Hooniverse podcast is about cars but don’t be surprised if the discussions venture into questions about life, the universe and everything in general. Hosted by Hooniverse Co-Founder and Executive Director Jeff Glucker and The Smoking Tire producer Chris Hayes, cover topics such as vehicles they have recently driven, rebuilding classic cars, valets and camping adventures. Find it: http://hooniverse.com/category/hooniverse-podcast/.