A famous American treat is celebrating its 106th birthday this month. Can you guess what it is? It’s sweet, tasty when dunked in milk and comes in many flavors. If you guessed the Oreo cookie, you’re right!

The National Biscuit Company

The first Oreos were made by the National Biscuit Company, which is now called Nabisco. Originally it was called the Oreo Biscuit, then the Oreo Sandwich and a few other things, but whatever the name, the Oreo is the best-selling cookie in the country.

Believe it or not, the National Biscuit Company was not the first to come up with the idea of cream filling between two chocolate wafers. The Sunshine company had been making a cookie called Hydrox for a few years when Oreos came along. For some reason though, people liked Oreos better, and Hydrox, although they were made for several decades, never became a bestseller.

What’s inside

Even though people obviously love Oreos, they’ve had a few issues along the way. Until 1997, the cream filling had lard (pig fat!) in it. Today, the product has no animal products in it at all.

And speaking of the filling, if you’ve ever tried a Double Stuf Oreo, it might look like there’s twice the normal amount of cream inside, but the truth is, it’s not quite that much. In 2013, a high school math class did some research and learned that a Double Stuf Oreo has only 1.86 times the normal amount. The Mega Stuf Oreo has 2.68 times the normal amount.

So many flavors

Even though the original Oreos are still a big favorite, the company has capitalized on their popularity over the years to make many other products. Oreo O’s cereal, which was available from 1998 to 2007 in the United States, is still available in South Korea. And in the 1980s, there was a giant version of the Oreo called Oreo Big Stuff that came in single-serving packages.

In recent years, Oreos have been known as much for their crazy new flavors as for their original product. Have you tried any of these?

*Cool mint


*Chocolate crème

*Golden birthday cake

*Cookie dough


*Berry burst ice cream

*Banana split

Activity: Sweet treat

In celebration of Oreo Cookie Day, make this fun and tasty treat. You’ll need an adult to help you.


1 package of Oreo cookies

1 8-oz. package of cream cheese

16 oz. of semi-sweet baking chocolate

Use a blender or food processor to crush the cookies into crumbs, then mix in the cream cheese. Roll the mixture into balls and put them in the freezer for 10 minutes so they’ll be firm. Melt the chocolate, then cover each ball in chocolate, placing them on a baking sheet with wax paper on top. Refrigerate for an hour to let the chocolate cool and harden.

Source: allrecipes.com