Although it might seem like winter’s icy grip isn’t letting go anytime soon, warmer and sunnier weather is just around the corner, which means many of us will begin to think about travel and vacation destinations. If you are a seasoned traveler or just making your first jump into becoming one, here are some podcasts that can help you with destination-specific information and tricks for travelers.

Extra Pack of Peanuts: Hosted by entrepreneur and world traveler Travis Sherry, Extra Pack of Peanuts helps listeners to travel more while spending less. Episodes features interviews with famous travelers who shared their advice on how to use frequent flyer miles, book cheap hotel rooms, packing for trips and sticking to a budget. Find it:

The Amateur Traveler: Adventurers looking for specific details about a certain locale or information about somewhere they’ve never been before can get more than 500 destination-specific details from The Amateur Traveler podcast. Hosted by Chris Christensen gives listeners a Wikipedia-style introduction to each destination. Episodes feature interviews with destination experts and motivation for people to get out and travel. Find it:

Travelogue: Produced by Conde Nast Travel, the Travelogue podcast helps listeners learn about new and interesting destinations around world. With the help of 3-4 writers, episodes feature location-specific recommendations and tips. Some topics include finding cheap fares and larger location overviews. Find it:

The Travelers: For travelers interested in other’s specific experiences, The Travelers podcast takes an introspective look into other’s stories and experiences. Hosted by Nathaniel Boyle, the weekly podcast explore themes such as curiosity, creativity, possibility, clarity, awe, wonder, space and time. Boyle is also the found of Holocene, which is a community for creative people seeking to use travel to change or reclaim their life. Find it: