Is it possible to have a spirit of poverty? While reading up on some “investments for dummies” I realized that money and finances are not something that comes easy to me. In my home growing up, we never discussed money. There was no mention of anything that even pertained to money but I knew that it was a sensitive subject. I avoided asking for things that cost money — so maybe there was an undercurrent there.

I grew up knowing for a fact that it didn’t cost anything to have fun. Oh but the fun we could have — you give my mom an idea and she took off like a rocket. But those times when something would cost extra? I hated seeing the look on her face when I asked for those — so I tried not to.

My better half and I have been together since we were young, and dating at 19 and 20 back then meant that payday was date night. We had a blast and spent the rest of the week holding our breath, living off leftovers and meatless recipes. We didn’t know any better.

Unless you are taught about money, you don’t know money. The hardest part for me was the concept that God loves me and my money. Easy there — but fact is fact — you can’t out give the Lord. I dare you — try.

We raised our littles living from paycheck to paycheck. I taught myself thrifting and every time I thought I had gotten a little smarter, I would go to the super store and splurge. It was just one step forward and three steps back.

There can be a spirit of poverty that follows you from generation to generation. I have seen good solid families, those that love the Lord and love their family struggle for years to regain footing again and again. The spirit of poverty is a real thing. Our faith in God is not duct tape that will fix those deeply seated spirits.

A relationship with Jesus isn’t to fix our life — it’s not to make everything rainbows and glitter — it’s recognizing that we are sinners who without him, we have no way of standing before God in Heaven. Considering that we live in a world bound by sin, expect to have battles, expect to have troubles and while you are dealing with those things, you stand strong in your faith.

Overcoming poverty is a struggle that can take all your faith and strain you to the limits but you have to come at it with the understanding that God loves you and he wants the best for you. Yet you live in a world that fell into sin after the fall of man and Satan is a thief in the night that steals all that is good from you.

So how do you break that chain of poverty? I speak from my very own path and journey here. I’m not an educated theologian, but I read my Bible and I walk in my faith — that said — you have to plant seeds before anything can grow.

You can’t stand in an empty garden and cry for the lack of wheat. You can plow that field over and over, wringing your hands and walking back and worth worrying over the soil, but until you plant seeds in that fertile soil, nothing will grow.

Sowing seeds means that you are doing what God expects you to with your money. Pay him first — tithe — if not to a church, then to a missionary, but you have to freely toss those seeds down to set root before you can expect any type of growth.

It’s hard when you have a spirit of poverty. Money is a precious commodity that isn’t easy to come by. We struggle to have enough and cover just the basics, yet we are walking in the Earthly realm when we have those thoughts. God loves you and you cannot out give, out bless him. Plant those seeds, anonymously sponsoring things, giving and do it with the knowledge that he will grow those seeds. It won’t be overnight — a garden needs time to flourish — but become a grower and shake poverty.

— Kalynn Brazeal is a conservative, Christian wife/mom/country girl carrying around an MBA, several decades of business experience and a strong opinion. Now living in the remoteness of North Dakota, she continues to share her column on life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and cake. She can be reached by email at