According to the CDC, an estimated 25 million people suffer from asthma in the U.S. Up to 10 percent of people with asthma have a more severe type of asthma. This more severe type of asthma could be uncontrolled — even with multiple medications. People with asthma that is not controlled can experience symptoms, such as shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing.

For many people with asthma who continue to experience symptoms, even when on multiple medicines, their asthma may be more severe. Simple tasks can become difficult to achieve and asthma attacks can be life-threatening.

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Easy ways to relax and recharge on a boat this summer

Looking to get away from the daily grind this summer? The answer may be to leave your stress on land and take those plans on the water. Four in five Americans say being around water relaxes them, according to a survey. Try these tips to help you find your way on the water.

Join a boat club. Find a nearby boat club to access boats you can book online and pay monthly fees.

Rent a boat. Rental options are available on most waterways with hourly, daily or weekly access to boats.

Charter a trip. Explore new waters and experience the boating lifestyle by chartering a trip with family or friends.

Take a class. Sign up for lessons to hone your powerboating, sailing or watersports skills.


Women fight rare blood disease

Here are some tips to help track and manage immune thrombocytopenia, or ITP, a rare blood disease that disproportionately affects women.

— Communicate: Because you may not always show obvious signs of illness, like bruising, your family and friends may not fully realize the impact ITP has on your life. This may make it hard to get the support you need. Sharing your experience and talking about how you feel may help loved ones better understand your life with ITP.

— Stay informed: Review best practices for managing autoimmune diseases and keep abreast of emerging treatment options. Check medical information about your disease and ways you can keep yourself healthy.

— Participate: Attend local meetings and activities with other ITP patients. and its local chapters are a great way to connect with them.

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Almost everyone has experienced hunger pangs. These five tips will show you how to manage these cravings.

1. When hunger hits, ask yourself if you need food, or just a few ounces of water.

2. Experts recommend increasing your protein intake in order to stay full. But not just any protein will do. Muuna cottage cheese contains casein protein, which your body digests slowly to keep you full longer.

3. Add some spice. Research has shown that red pepper, turmeric, curry powder, ginger and chili powder can help curb hunger.

4. Foods made up of refined carbohydrates metabolize quickly, leaving you craving more food. Instead, reach for foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

5. Your brain may be programmed to tell you to grab a sugary snack at a certain time. The feeling will pass and eventually you’ll break out of the habit.

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