This is the season for pinot grigio. It pairs perfectly with the lighter dishes of spring and summer and its crisp, bright, refreshing flavor makes it easy to sip. Here are five things about pinot grigio that might surprise you.

Pinot grigio is not made from white wine grapes: Normally, white wines are made from green grapes. Pinot grigio is the exception to this rule.

Drink it while it’s young: It can go straight from the winery to your table because it matures quickly.

Grigio vs. gris: Same wine, different names. Pinot gris is from France, while pinot grigio is from Italy.

The flavor varies widely depending on where the grapes are grown: There are three main flavor profiles: mineral and dry, fruity and dry, and fruity and sweet.

It’s great for cooking: Because it’s so light, it won’t overpower your dishes.


Nutrition tweaks to try

The following are nutrition tweaks from registered dietitians that can have a big impact on your health, according to

1. Embrace fat. Unsaturated fats as in avocados, salmon and nuts have been shown to reduce inflammation and aid in heart health.

2. Eat more plants. Veggies, fruits and whole grains are a good way to add fiber. Try to get 7 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

3. Don’t cut out carbs. Carbs like sweet potato, brown rice and quinoa replenish our blood sugar levels and keep you alert.

4. Sit down when you eat. Eating meals and snacks from a plate while seated at a table naturally helps you eat less and enjoy it more.

5. Listen to your body. Listen to your body’s hunger cues to make better eating decisions.


Here are some tips on how to throw a simple summer soirée:

Embellish with blossoms — Design a floral arrangement with varying heights for the illusion of a fuller, larger table centerpiece without spending the time or money.

Embrace seasonal ingredients — Incorporate a blend of seasonal ingredients such as garden strawberries and fresh basil into gourmet treats for guests.

Illuminate your space — If you’re planning an evening event, use string lights or scented candles around the space to create a cozy environment. For daytime gatherings, hang foliage garland, paper lanterns or colorful ribbon.


A few simple tips and creative tricks will help you perfectly grill foods:

Keep it closed: If you’re looking, it’s not cooking! A grill does its best work when closed, so let heat build up to cook foods evenly.

Marvelous marinades: Two hours should be your max for most marinades when you’re planning to grill so that it doesn’t change the texture of your meat.

Please with cheese: The smoky flavors of the grill are the perfect pairing to earthy cheeses.

Let it be: After grilling your choice of meat, remove from heat and let it sit for a few minutes to let the juices redistribute.

Grilled dessert: Peaches and nectarines taste great cut in half and grilled. Other popular fruits to grill include pineapple, bananas, cantaloupe and even watermelon.

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