This article appears in Fall Home & Garden magazine.

Want to take your home decor to the next level? Try out the trim trend.

Decorators are adding it on with everything, from wall hangings to tufting ottomans, including tassels and fringe.

“Embellishment is a creative form of self-expression. Incorporating trimmings is an easy way to add your personal style to your decor,” said Jana Platina Phipps, who blogs at

“Trimmings are back in fashion because people are more interested than ever to incorporate elements of something handmade in their homes. With all the design shows on TV, they want to unleash their inner designer. Embellishments add soul and infuse your home with your point of view,” she said.

Searches for “fringe” as a home and decor trend saw a spike of 300 percent on Pinterest in 2018. Fringed furniture and lampshades are two of the most popular ways to embrace the trend, which is easy to adapt to a DIY project.

“You can add a fringe to the base of your sofa, create custom-made pillows adding trimmings as a pillow cuff or, for a little zhush, hang a key tassel from your favorite chest of drawers, table lamp or add to your table setting,” Platina Phipps said.

She calls it “Trim Alchemy, the process of transforming something ordinary into extraordinary using trimmings.”

The art of embellishment was born in 16th century France when formal guilds taught decorative “passementerie,” which means “turn by hand,” Platina Phipps said. It took years for an apprentice to become a master, and the tassel was, in essence, an apprentice’s thesis and master’s calling card to get commissioned work from the royalty, military and clergy.

“Adding embellishments today indicates a creative status of the homeowner who has an designer’s attention to detail,” Platina Phipps said.