Safety tips when moving with kids

For parents of young children, the process of moving to a new home calls for a plan to ensure potential safety hazards are remediated. Consider these tips as such.

* Be proactive about precautions. Evaluate potential safety hazards before the move even begins, buying important tools and fixtures so you can make adjustments early rather than retrofitting.

* Switch all your blinds to the cordless variety. The string-like attachments that adjust old-style blinds are proven strangulation hazards, according to Replace them immediately with the cordless varieties available at major U.S. retailers. Seek the Best for Kids label that certifies products best suited for young children.

* Separate and secure household chemicals. Deliberately pack anything that could hurt your kids into marked boxes that travel with you in your car instead of your moving van. Upon arrival, keep them sealed until you’re ready to unpack them into locked cabinets.


A mobile man cave for football tailgate season

Three tips from Northern Tool + Equipment on making a mobile man cave:

An offensive line — of vehicles: A big tailgate party does not require a big vehicle: While a hatchback or pickup truck is a plus, most important is to have wheels that can deliver the goods. One fresh take is for tailgaters to team up with a caravan of cars for a multi-stationed tailgate.

Put in the QB of TVs: A TV is vital for the tailgating entertainment. There are many options for outdoor TVs that provide for great pictures even in the sun’s glare and in extreme temperatures. Be sure to test out the picture in advance so it is ready to go come kick-off.

Linebacker-like power: The most critical factor of all in making a powered-up tailgate is the power source itself. That’s where a generator comes in.


8 decor trends to watch

Lauren Smith outlines decor trends to watch at

1. Lavender: Millennial pink is morphing into lavender and lilac.

2. High-contrast palettes: Use white to balance saturated color. Use a bold color like green.

3. Circle patterns: Geometric shapes can be highlighted on pillows or wallpaper.

4. Tone on tone: Paint your dresser a similar shade to the wall behind it.

5. Brass accents: Move away from brushed silver to warmer golden brass tones.

6. Moodier palettes: Try different colored metals with richer color palettes, such as gem tones, velvet upholstery and black and white marble.

7. Olive green: Softer shades of olive and chartreuse are cozier.

8. Natural elements: Use natural limestone. Take advantage of views.


Bathroom upgrades that add value

Consumer Reports offers tips for upgrades to your bathroom that will add value to your home.

Whether doing it yourself or hiring it out, the following tips will help you master the remodel.

* Set a budget and plan ahead to keep your project on track.

* Choose the best sink, countertop and toilet for your space.

* Budget for the unexpected, like hidden water damage, by building a 10 to 15 percent cushion into your budget.

* Hide the toilet in a room-within-the-room or behind a half wall or piece of furniture.

* Choose appropriate surfaces. Porcelain tile is popular. Larger tile sizes minimize grout lines. Enamel-on-steel sinks are durable. Granite and quartz countertops are gaining popularity.

* Splurge on a large shower instead of a rarely used tub.

* Consider water efficiency in showerheads, toilets and faucets.

* Choose more vanity surface area instead of double sinks.

* Provide adequate ventilation and adequate lighting.