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Working parents, military spouses and those who just need a more flexible schedule can benefit from a nontraditional work environment. Here are some career choices that can be done remotely.

Appointment setter

Appointment setters work with their company’s sales team to organize in-person appointments. They have access to team calendars and arrange schedules for customer interactions. Customer service skills are a high priority, as inbound calls made to schedule appointments can range from sales inquiries to vital business arrangements.

Most work-from-home appointment setter jobs are hourly. Wages start around $10 to $12 an hour, and some businesses offer commission and bonuses for sales made through appointments. The average annual income for appointment setter jobs on ZipRecruiter is $35,000.

Call center representative

Call center representatives provide a voice to customers who need information or help resolving an issue. This is an hourly job, with the chance to build up hours and wages with peak performances. Some companies offer commissions with upselling — making offers to customers to improve their product while they are on the phone with the representative. 

The median hourly wage for a call center representative is around $13. The average annual income for call center representative jobs on ZipRecruiter is $36,500.

Travel agent

Travel agents no longer need a storefront to make arrangements for business trips, corporate trips and family vacations. Agents can be paid an hourly wage or a salary. The median average for hourly pay is $14.85. The average annual income for travel agent jobs on ZipRecruiter is $52,000.

Bilingual translations

Many companies hire work-from-home representatives to answer customer or client calls in another language. Besides verbal translation, fluent readers are needed to translate documentation. As a bilinguist, you have double the chances of finding your dream work-from-home job; search for your gig using keywords in both languages.

Translators can expect to make around $14 an hour, with wages going to $18 an hour or more depending on the job. The average annual salary for bilingual translation jobs on ZipRecruiter is $50,000.

Real estate coordinator

Coordinators are licensed and versed in all legal matters relating to buying and selling. They work with vendors, agents and lenders and arrange property showings and deals. Most real estate coordinator jobs require a real estate license. 

Coordinator rates vary, with one recent work-from-home listing offering $50,000 a year for the right candidate. The average annual salary for real estate coordinator jobs on ZipRecruiter is $59,000.

Digital marketing

Digital marketers push viral content and make sure to #hashtag every brand name. Some experience is necessary, since marketing jobs often include work with analytics, ad statistics and SEO. Becoming fluent in social media can lead to open doors.

Specialists who began in an office and moved to another gig at home can earn more, since they have the experience. Digital marketers just starting out can expect around $12 an hour. Social media experts start at around $11. The average annual salary for work from home digital marketer jobs on ZipRecruiter is $89,500.

Virtual fashion stylist

Peronsal shopping sites are springing up across the country and need stylists to work with their clients. Stylists usually get their start working retail or costume design, but a love of fashion is the main requirement. 

Some stylist jobs allow their virtual employees to choose their own hours. Others have a set schedule. For the most part, virtual stylist jobs are hourly, and wages start around $15 an hour. The average annual salary for virtual fashion stylist jobs on ZipRecruiter is $61,000.