At what point do you move beyond blaming everyone else and take personal responsibility for your actions? This is something that I had to face straight one. I knew that there were really sucky people in my life and I struggled with everything that was heaped upon me. Whether it was their expectations, their beliefs or just their opinions, everyone has some thought to pass on to you … if you let them.

I worked with a lady who was well into her 50s and still struggled with this. Everyone around her (mainly those in her church and family) thought they knew best. They heaped guidance upon her like it was a treasure and she struggled to find the truth in it all. What she wanted wasn’t even an option... it didn’t matter because those that had higher callings or titles were the ones that got the answers.

The truth for each of us comes from our walk with the Lord... and what he has for us. We each are born with a different and unique purpose .... one that is laid out to bring fulfillment to us but better yet, one that is laid out to being honor and glory to the Lord.
In the big scheme of things... What if your walk is simply to further someone else’s?

This is the question that haunted me for some time. Some have walks that lead them to bring thousands to Christ, through song, worship, or word, but what if my call is to simply bring those around me to the eternal life that is Heaven... through the resurrection of Jesus Christ?
I’m not sure where we learn to dream big. Maybe it’s the Disney movies we watch or the expectations of those around us, but somewhere along the line, we start to hope and dream BIG. We think of being a singer standing in front of millions, an actor that is seen from coast to coast, some type of famous that will give us our platform.

Yet Jesus’ platform was a dusty road... he walked it in simple sandals and along the way, with little to his name, he collected the souls of people. When he gathered his disciples, he found them in hard-working and honest places. They were fishermen, those who toiled all the day to bring in a catch large enough to feed their family and sell the extra. One was even a tax man, an example of how no one is lost when it comes to the Grace of the Lord. These were the people Christ chose to continue his church and preach in his name of the good news.

The chosen literally walked away from their responsibility and their homes to follow the one true God. Some were married and some were fathers, yet in the face of the opportunity to follow Christ, they hesitated not. How many of us wouldn’t hesitate to follow his calling?
Yet there are many among us that get the calling... and nothing happens, as we simply drop the ball. Remember firstly that God will never call you to something that he has not equipped you to. You will be called to something in your wheelhouse.

Romans 12:2: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mine that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

We aren’t good people by nature... we are good because we have found that Grace and salvation through Christ and we want to share it. We want to reflect that love onto others around us. We want to give Grace to those who have not earned it. We strive to be a reflection of him in this sinly world. Once we have that love and example in our heart, we feel compelled to share it. We seek out those that are without and we give. We love those that can’t love themselves. We give when there is no reason.

We aren’t made good. We become good through the process of sharing Christ’s love for our neighbors. Start small. Accept him into your heart and then take baby steps.

— Kalynn Brazeal is a conservative, Christian wife/mom/country girl carrying around an MBA, several decades of business experience and a strong opinion. Now living in the remoteness of North Dakota, she continues to share her column on life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and cake. She can be reached by email at