Owning your own home is a life accomplishment for many adults, and keeping it looking sharp and adding your personal touches brings a sense of pride. It seems there are always things you want to improve, so don’t let a limited budget or lack of know-how hold you back from dreaming. There are plenty of ways to enhance a room or remake a space without breaking the bank, along with many resources out there to show you how.

With a little research and a weekend or two of elbow grease, your budget and your abilities are more than enough to take on many smaller jobs. When you’re done, the satisfaction you’ll experience from a successful DIY project will give you plenty of motivation to start the next improvement.

Map it out. Prioritize the projects you’d like to tackle first. Whether it’s painting the living room, replacing the kitchen countertops or retiling the bathroom, the project will be much less stressful when you have solid planning behind it. Set a realistic schedule, gather your supplies in advance and be sure and review instructions before starting.

Find creative ways to cover costs. Make a budget for your project that includes a list of expected expenses and add padding for the unexpected. Assess what funds you have available, and if you don’t have enough, consider a savings plan so you can avoid paying interest and fees on a credit card.

Learn through many available resources. If you’re like most DIYers, you’ll find online videos and home improvement websites are great sources for how-to tips and information. And if you’re a novice, take advantage of the vast information that’s available at your fingertips and review several sources so that you completely understand the process and are confident before your dive in.

Keep it light. Doing DIY projects with a spouse or a family member can be fun if you take the right approach. When working alongside each other, it’s all too easy to take a frustration out on each other.

Permission to make mistakes. Most homeowners are not professional contractors and projects can and do go wrong. If you make a mistake, do your best to correct it and don’t beat yourself up. Focus on the fact you’re making progress in getting your house just the way you want it and saving money by doing it yourself.

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According to Forbes, the top 10 richest women in the world are:

1. Alice Walton ($38.2 billion)

2. Jacqueline Mars ($25.5 billion)

3. Laurene Powell Jobs ($19.4 billion)

4. Abigail Johnson ($16 billion)

5. Blair Parry-Okeden ($12 billion)

6. Katharine Rayner ($8 billion)

7. Margaretta Taylor ($8 billion)

8. Pauline MacMillan Kenneth ($7.4 billion)

9. Christy Walton ($7 billion)

10. Ann Walton Kroenke ($6.6 billion)


$1.9 billion: Jewelry chain Claire’s recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in hopes of shedding $1.9 billion in debt.


Tinder sues Bumble for patent infringement

Two of the largest dating apps available are taking their rivalry to court after Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, recently filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Bumble. The suit alleges that Bumble infringed on “matching process system and method” and “display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface of a mobile device.” Match also is contending that two of Bumble’s co-creators, who previously worked at Tinder, stole confidential information to create their rival app.

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