Unique home improvements perfect for DIY

Here are three DIY projects you can use to improve your home today, according to

* Clean your water with a new filter system. Cut the costs and clutter of bottled water with this project. Breach your current water line to solder in a new shut-off valve, drill a new faucet hole and attach this line to the filter.

* Breathe easier. Why stop at clean water in your home when you can also enjoy cleaner air? An air scrubber can allow you to remove invisible gases, particles and chemicals from your home’s air.

* Lose your home’s worst feature. Popcorn is great at the movies. On your ceiling? Not so much. Spray your ceiling with warm water, and scrape away the popcorn itself with a drywall scraper. You’re then ready to patch any holes before priming and painting your brand-new ceiling.


Cut expenses on remodel

Before you get started on your renovation, keep the following tips in mind from Kohler.

1. Find a focal point. Pick one fixture that will draw the eye in.

2. Incorporate creative storage solutions: Wall cabinets, wicker baskets, storage ladders and storage towers create charm.

3. Consider hiring: A professional designer can help you discover the style that fits your personality and budget.


5 tips to keep your home pest free

Here are steps to take to avoid a pest infestation, according to Terminix:

1) Sanitize: Clean your kitchen, pantry and any other places food is stored. Keep drains and sinks clean and clear. Regularly vacuum and dust.

2) Repair home damage: Fix gaps in screens and doors, as well as cracks in walls and other exterior home damage.

3) Maintain your yard: Trim branches and trees touching your home to prevent easy access for pests. Secure trash cans and eliminate yard clutter.

4) Monitor your home: Check for damage, but also droppings and damaged spots that can be visual cues of a pest problem.

5) Know when it’s time to call a professional: Call when a pest problem is beyond your control.


2018 remodeling trends that boost your home’s value

A strong housing market is giving homeowners the confidence to invest in remodeling. These three leading remodeling trends also have great ROI, according to Saniflo.

Trend 1: Bathroom additions

Skip cutting concrete and put a bathroom virtually anywhere with above-floor plumbing features such as a macerating toilet and drain pumps.

Trend 2: Home exterior updates

To get a big visual bang for your buck, consider replacing your garage door. The average garage door replacement job cost is $3,470, according to the Cost vs. Value report, plus it has a whopping 98 percent cost recouped at resale.

Trend 3: Smart home upgrades

A popular technological enhancement for the home is smart lighting controls that save energy and let you customize lighting to your needs in every room of your home. Smart security systems are also valuable additions.