This article appears in Spring Home & Garden 2018 magazine.

Whether you’re buying a new home or looking to freshen up your own, knowing the latest building and decor trends will keep you in style.

— Move over, man caves: Women are getting a room of one’s own, said Realtor Marie Presti, owner of The Presti Group in Newton, Massachusetts. Called she rooms, babe caves, she shacks or she sheds if they’re located in the garden area, these rooms offer a getaway space for busy women juggling home, work and family.

“It can be a place to hide out, especially since open floor plans in homes are so popular,” said Presti, president of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors and 2017 Greater Boston Realtor of the Year.

Having a home office will never go out of style, and that’s just what many buyers are asking for — except instead of focusing on a desk and cabinets, women are transforming these spaces with window seats and decorative pillows, Presti said. The extra room in the house or the converted garage now becomes a music or relaxation room, upscale closet, yoga studio, or just a place to hang out with a glass of wine and book club friends — and there’s still space to curl up with a laptop and get work done.

— In the bathroom, the whirlpool bath is being replaced by a high-end shower, Presti said. These spa showers are generally bigger, with benches, inset shelving and multiple shower heads like a rain head, body jets and a handheld jet.

“Close the door and it becomes a steam room, and there’s no drain set in the middle. Instead, the floor angles so water runs off to a drain hidden underneath,” Presti said.

— Home bars are once again popular, both as a family focal point and for entertaining guests, Presti said. A great way to use up some extra space, home bars are outfitted to suit the family’s drinking habits, whether that means a built-in keg, wine refrigerator, espresso bar or a cool place to store juice, water and soda.

— Accessory apartments are also becoming increasingly popular as the country deals with an intense demand for housing, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Called in-law or granny suites, accessory apartments can be separate dwellings on a home’s property or converted basements or garages. Theses self-contained living units are ideal for “downsizers” or empty-nesters, college students and other young adults, Presti said. It’s also a great way to make a little extra money renting space to a family member.

— Mixed metals are on trend for 2018, so you’ll be seeing silver and gold complimenting each other along with other metallics like rose gold, copper and brass, Presti said.

— While grays are still popular and being used, “they’re moving down” and instead the emphasis is trending toward warm neutrals like beige, taupe and brown, Presti said. And yet, the Pantone color of the year is a ultra violet, a blue-based purple. Watch for it popping up in accents, textiles, wall coverings and more.

— The ultra-luxe feel of velvet furnishings will wow in 2018, but if you’re not bold enough for a purple velvet couch, try the look with some velvet throw pillows, Presti suggested.

— Also within reach are painted ceilings, which designers consider the fifth wall. A dark color can surprisingly open up a small room by adding a feeling of infinity. Or, paint the ceiling the same as or a shade of the wall color. Just be careful of this trend if you’re looking to sell in 2018, Presti said.

“Buyers want things as neutral as possible,” she said.