Some habits are good. Taking a daily vitamin, getting outside once a day or enjoying a hobby. Some habits are bad. Swearing, biting your fingernails or obsessively checking your smartphone. No matter who you are, your habits help make you the person that you are. If you’re looking to pick up some good habits from other people or learn how to get rid of some of your bad ones, here are a few podcasts to listen to.

Being Boss: Hosts Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon ask their listeners to own who they are and to get out and make things happen. The duo has experience and expertise in branding and coaching small online businesses. Thompson and Shannon also interview successful people. Recent episodes include, “Money, Mindset, and Energy with Danetha Doe,” “Bosses in the Wild” and “Bringing Mindfulness to Your Work with Leah Weiss.” Find it:

The Productivity Podcast: Productivity strategist Mike Vardy advises listeners on tips, tactics and tricks to help them make the most of productivity, time management, goals, to-do lists, habits and workflow at work and at home. Recent episodes include, “Declutter Your Way to Success with Terri Savelle Foy,” “The Free-Time Formula with Jeff Sanders” and “Magnetic Memorization with Dr. Anthony Metivier.” Find it:

Health Habits Happy Moms: Catering to the lifestyle of busy mothers, hosts Annie, Jen and Lauren focus on supporting women in adopting healthy habits to live happily. Along with workout tips, the Happy Moms also offer up nutritional tips to help them stay balanced. Recent episodes include, “How Your Body Image Impacts Your Children,” “Moving and Managing Pain in Pregnancy” and “Fashion That Suits Your Life and Body.” Find it:

Good Guys Bad Habits: The Good Guys Bad Habits podcast is new for 2018. It helps guys as the four hosts take listeners down the road trip of life while frequently taking the wrong exits along the way. Recent episodes include, “The 50-50 Rule,” “Are Leaders Born or Made?” and “Intentional Dating.” Find it: