How homeowners can prepare for summer storm season

Understanding what to do after a severe storm can help you get back on your feet much quicker. Consider these tips from ServiceMaster Restore:

Safety first. Avoid driving or walking in floodwaters. Just 6 inches of moving water can knock you down, and fast-moving waters can sweep your vehicle away.

Check the power. When you return home, turn off the power to your house if you are able to reach the breaker box safely, or ask your power company to cut power remotely. Standing water inside your home can create an electrical shock hazard.

Check the structure. If your home’s structure or foundation appears unstable, do not attempt to go inside. Immediately call for professional help and get a thorough assessment of the damage.

Partner with professionals. Professional restoration companies offer 24-hour emergency assistance to minimize the impact a storm can have on your home.


Take the sting out of summer with these prevention tips

Reduce your yard’s chances of insect infestation with these tips from Ortho:

- Make your yard less inviting. Yellow jackets enjoy spending time around trash while mosquitoes are able to breed and thrive in even the smallest amount of water. Removing any or all of these appealing targets from your space will make your yard less desirable.

- Protect your home inside and out. Sometimes a little extra protection is all you need. Insect killer sprays can provide 12-month protection against ants, roaches and spiders, killing common household bugs and providing a long-lasting bug barrier around your home.

- Keep your yard clean. Insects love dark, moist areas, many of which can be found in your yard if you don’t tidy it up. Mowing the grass at least once a week and removing debris or clutter as soon as it accumulates gives them less room to hide.


How to improve the energy-efficiency of your home

Apply these tips from LG to improve your home’s energy-efficiency this summer.

- Consider alternative energy sources. Installing home solar panels can drastically cut or even eliminate your electricity bills and even increase your home’s resale value.

- Bring your windows into focus. The role your windows have in dictating the temperature in your home can be considerable. Older windows allow cool air to escape outside and that makes your air conditioner work harder to control the interior temperature.


Simple tips for hosting a memorable summer party

Here are some tips from Delta and Home Depot on how to throw a simple summer soirée:

Embellish with blossoms: Design a floral arrangement with varying heights for the illusion of a fuller, larger table centerpiece without spending the time or money.

Embrace seasonal ingredients: Incorporate a blend of seasonal ingredients such as garden strawberries and fresh basil into gourmet treats for guests.

Illuminate your space — If you’re planning an evening event, use string lights or scented candles around the space to create a cozy environment. For daytime gatherings, hang foliage garland, paper lanterns or colorful ribbon.