Saddle up for a ride back to the days of the O.K. Corral in the 1800s silver-mining town of Tombstone, Arizona. A visit will take history buffs, cowboy fans and their youngins on an adventure back to life in the Wild West.

Allen Street, the town’s main drag, is a dirt road only travelled on foot, horse or by stagecoach. The once booming town’s 1,300 residents have preserved its history, keeping plank sidewalks, gunfights and gunslingers walking the streets.

• Begin the adventure: Take a stagecoach ride and learn the area’s history while getting a look at things to do. Catch the stage on Allen Street. It is fun for all ages and gives riders an appreciation for modern modes of travel.

• Learn the history: After the swaying ride on the coach take a short walk a block off Allen Street to the Old Courthouse State Park Museum. Visitors get a deeper look into the history of the old West. Built in 1882, the courthouse is in the shape of a Roman cross, a Victorian two-story once home to the jail, courtrooms and sheriff of Cochise County. A replica of gallows where five men were hung in 1884 stands in the courtyard.

• Allen Street: Stepping back onto the dirt of Allen Street, visitors will find shops selling a variety of treasures to take home, as well as restaurants and saloons offering hearty meals, cold draft beer and a story about the town.

• Down below: Go down under at the Goodenough Silver Mine. The tour takes visitors into the mine for a learning experience about the town and the lifestyle of those living and working in Tombstone in the 1800s.

• The famous corral: The O.K. Corral, where the historic 1881 Tombstone gunfight took place, offers museums and history. Those who were killed during the gunfight are buried in Boot Hill Graveyard located closeby. It is interesting to walk through and see the old graves and learn about the people who first lived in Tombstone. Be sure to get a descriptive list of those buried at Boot Hill when entering.

• Theater and more: At the Bird Cage Theater, visitors are treated to a narration before taking a self-guided tour. The building, a little wild in its day, was a theater, saloon, gambling hall and brothel all under one roof. Is the theater haunted? That is for visitors to find out. It has been reported that spirits of prostitutes and cowboys have been sighted. Enjoy a daytime history tour or a nighttime ghost tour.
• The church of the “working girls”: The stained-glass windows of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church are beautiful, and the church a part of the town’s rich history. Unique to the property is a little house behind the church called Augustine’s “crib.” It is where the “working girls” lived and entertained. The girls gave of their hard-earned money to help build the church.

• Take a shot: On Allen Street, the Big Iron Shooting Gallery offers visitors a chance to shoot ‘em up with a replica of an 1875 Colt, the gun that won the West. It is safe and fun for the entire family.

Tombstone is known as “the town too tough to die.” The best way to enjoy the town and its laid-back Western feel is to stay at one of the motels a block off Allen Street such as the Larian, a comfortable, clean, friendly place to stay, where visitors’ expectations may be exceeded. Get up in the morning, pour your coffee and mosey one block to the 1800s.

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