Home care tips for busy people

Productivity blogger Kayla Matthews shared the following home care tips at asianefficiency.com.
“If you detest weekend cleaning as much as I do but still want to keep your home organized and welcoming,” she writes, “here’s a collection of ... tips, habits and ideas that simply work. I’ve tried to include a little something for everyone here.”
1. If it doesn’t look dirty, don’t clean it.
2. Divide cleaning up across every weeknight.
3. Rinse and put dishes in the dishwasher after each meal.
4. Keep cleaning supplies near the areas where you use them.
5. Throw away old food on garbage night.
6. Fix broken appliances right away.
7. Keep microfiber cloths around for quick and easy dusting.
8. Get rid of stuff you don’t use.
9. Keep a shoe rack by the front door.
10. Get an air purifier.

Strategic lighting for functional bathrooms

Lighting is a fundamental part of a bathroom design and highly influential on your daily routine. While lighting can perfectly illuminate a bathroom, it doesn’t necessarily mean it does a good job of illuminating the face, according to Robern.
Top lighting — common in bathroom design — casts shadows on the face, which is bad for makeup application, shaving and other personal hygiene tasks. Consider mirror lighting designed to strike the face from at least two directions, providing even illumination and minimal shadows.
No matter what illumination you choose, keep in mind that lighting from all sides with adjustable features will increase functionality.

Warm colors and velvet make a comeback

Trends making a comeback this year include agate wallpaper, velvet furnishings and bold patterns, according to a recent article in HouseBeautiful. The following are some of the trends expected this year.
1. Woven textures: Baskets and artisan accessories will give homes international flair.
2. Agate wallpaper: Geode and agate wallpaper are becoming more popular.
3. Colorful trim: Decorative finishes, like glazes, can feature warm shades like charcoal gray.
4. Tile twists: Go beyond subway tiles to larger format tile and slab-sized porcelain sheets.
5. Warm colors: Colors like yellow, red and coral are coming back.
6. Velvet furnishings: The look of velvet in furniture is a trend.
7. Bold patterns: Floral and geometric casual designs are being featured, especially on wallpaper.
8. Artisan fixtures: Local artisans and small businesses are producing high-end lighting fixtures.

10 bad homeowner habits that are hard to break

Sal Vaglica of This Old House magazine shares bad homeowner habits to nip in the bud.
1. Maxing out closet rods. Instead, use steel rods and metal supports.
2. Slamming the front door. Instead, use self-closing hinges.
3. Letting outdoor rugs lie. Instead, choose an open-weave rug and clean it.
4. Neglecting gutters. Instead, clean gutters before spring and use gutter guards.
5. Walking on the roof. Instead, inspect the roof from a ladder or the ground.
6. Flushing those “flushable” wipes. Instead, dispose of them in the trash or stick to toilet paper.
7. Storing too much stuff under a porch or deck. Instead, leave at least a foot beneath joists.
8. Building fires too big. Instead, keep fires free of paper and small enough to see flame tips.
9. Having extension cords everywhere. Instead, only use temporarily and throw away old ones.
10. Storing stuff in a shower-head caddy. Instead, use the shower floor, tub surround or shelves.