A front door entry should be inviting, welcoming and reflect your personality. Not only is a welcoming front door a hint to outsiders that yours is a happy home, it’s also an easy way to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Keep it classic and make a statement with a door in dark black or a powerful red. Both colors go well with a home painted in neutrals. Blues, yellows, dark browns and purples are also solid choices.

Whatever your door color, be sure it complements the home’s exterior color as well as surrounding landscape.

Fresh greenery such as topiary or seasonal flowers in planters enlivens an entry, while accessories such as a unique door knocker, door pulls or knobs add character.

A custom-designed front door to fit your architecture, style or personality might be a major investment, but it will also enhance the home architecture.

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Interior Landscaping

Houseplants for home health

Update your look by bringing the outside in. Houseplants paired with a modern planter or a stylish basket are the No. 1 go-to for any home update, said Shawn Wilson, licensed real estate salesperson with the Martin Eiden Team at Compass in New York City.

“Live houseplants serve many functions. In addition to the aesthetics, studies show that plants improve air quality and reduce stress. Greenery provides a feeling of well-being and abundance,” Wilson said.

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The appeal of white

Some paint colors can help sell a home, and white is appealing to many buyers. One easy way to give a space a larger look and feel is to work with lighter colors, specifically white. The color gives off a bright, light airy, feeling.

While you may not want to go all white, singular white focal pieces such as a sofa, coffee table or rug will help accomplish your goal.

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Top wants for new kitchens

Outdated designs and unfunctional space are the top two reasons driving homeowners to remodel kitchens, according to Fixr’s 2019 Kitchen Remodeling Trends Report.

With the benefits of convenience and energy savings, it makes sense that smart devices and appliances are trending. While smart coffee makers and smart dishwashers are making the list of devices people are installing in their kitchens, at 19% and 9% respectively, most homeowners, 66%, are interested in smart lighting.

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