Painful inflammation that is sometimes associated with diabetes could be reduced with the help of whole body vibration according to new research. Scientists at the Medical College of Georgia and Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University recently published a report describing how the regular use of whole body vibration can prevent inflammation by mixing up the body’s microbiome. Using mouse models, the scientists showed that whole body vibration creates a healthier mix of macrophages, which are cells that can promote or prevent inflammation. Researchers saw changes that included increased levels of bacterium that make short-chain fatty acids (which help the body better utilize glucose). Whole body vibration has been used to reduce ill effects such as excessive urine production and excessive thirst for diabetes patients.

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Researchers develop nano-vaccine for melanoma

Tel Aviv University researchers recently reported that they have developed a nano-vaccine for the most aggressive type of skin cancer, melanoma. In the study, investigators showed the possibility of producing a nano-vaccine against melanoma and to sensitize the immune system to immunotherapies. The nano-particle approach has proven effective in preventing the development of melanoma in mouse models.

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How to treat athlete’s foot

According to, here are a few ways to treat athlete’s foot:

- Tea tree oil: Rub into skin on feet twice a day.

- Bitter orange: Use watered down form of bitter orange oil and rub into feet three times a day.

- Ajoene (from garlic): Rub gel form into skin once a day or take by mouth as an antifungal pill.

- Sunflower oil: Rub into skin on feet.

- Green tea: Soak feet in lukewarm green tea.

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35: According to new research conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative, women with a waist circumference of 35 inches or more face an increased risk for obesity-related health issues, including premature death.

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