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If you’ve recently been discharged from the military, or are about to be, your service and experience will set you apart from other job seekers: 17% of job postings on ZipRecruiter specifically request veterans to apply, and the number of postings we see on the site that call out “military experience” continues to grow.
In addition to posting your resume and searching for roles on ZipRecruiter, here are some other job search resources available to veterans.
1. SkillBridge
The Career Skills Programs, or Skillbridge, enables separating military members to receive industry training, apprenticeships or internships during the last six months of their service. The program provides members of the military the opportunity to get hands-on experience while still earning a military salary. Learn more about Skillbridge at
2. Transition Assistance Program
The Transition Assistance Program was developed by seven government departments and agencies to help with the transition to civilian life. Their employees are dedicated to making sure that military veterans have jobs once they have completed their service.
They provide workshops, courses, apprenticeships and resources, which you can learn about at
3. Departments of Defense and Labor
There are many other resources provided by the Department of Defense and the Department of Labor, aimed at helping translate military courses and experiences into in-demand job skills in the civilian world.
Many of the trainings, on-the-job qualifications, special assignments, detachments and deployments you’ve completed will have given you skills that employers value.
Find out more at and